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chair yoga poses for seniors

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The slogan “Yoga is for everyone” is frequently heard nowadays. But is it actually the case? Can everyone actually practise it? Even those who must practise entirely from a chair owing to injury, inflexibility, or age? Keeping many such things in mind, we are going to give you some Chair Yoga poses for Seniors.

Anyone who wants to practise yoga in a chair, such as the elderly or people at work, will benefit from this routine. Remember that you want a stable chair that you feel secure and comfortable in. Nothing that appears unstable fits inside this, not even office chairs with wheels.

Additionally, before considering each new position, make sure your butt is firmly placed in the seat. While remaining sufficiently seated to feel stable, you should sit closer to the front edge of the seat.

Chair Yoga Poses for Seniors

Seated Warrior Pose :

Start in Seated and inhale deeply. Lift your arms out to the sides as you inhale, then bring your hands together above your head. As you aim directly up at the ceiling, lace your fingers together while keeping your thumbs and pointer fingers out.

Roll your shoulders away from your ears as you exhale, allowing your shoulder blades to descend down your back. The shoulder capsule will become activated.

As you settle down, keep inhaling deeply and evenly. Take at least five deep breaths before releasing your joined hands and letting your arms slowly fall back to your sides.

seated warrior pose for chair yoga poses for seniors

Seated Neck Stretch :

The trapezius, levator scapulae, and sternocleidomastoid muscles are the focus of the seated neck stretch. Your head and neck are supported by these muscles. You can treat neck stiffness and tension headaches by stretching them.

Put your feet flat on the ground and lean back in a chair. your left shoulder with your right hand. Until you feel a stretch in the left side of your neck, slowly tilt your head to the right. Before moving on to the other side, hold the position for 5–10 breaths.

seated neck stretch  for chair yoga poses for seniors

Seated Side Bend :

Sit straight up at the back of your chair, slightly forward, and with your feet hip-width apart. Inhale as you raise your left arm out and up toward your ear, palm facing inward. Keep your right arm at your side. Tilt your torso to the right as you exhale. Go only as far as you are comfortable with, and make sure your weight is evenly distributed between both sides of your hips and glutes. Don’t overextend.

Three breaths should be held in this position. Take a deep breath in, extend your left arm upward, and recenter your torso. As you exhale, continue to lower your arm. Continue until you have completed these motions three times on your left side and right sides.

seated side bend for chair yoga poses for seniors

Bending chair yoga poses for seniors:

Put your feet on the floor in front of your chair. If you can, extend your right leg and lift it such that your foot is parallel to your hips.

Then, as you inhale, straighten your back and place both of your hands behind your right knee, interlocking your fingers. Bend your right knee and move your forehead toward it at the same time you exhale.

Exhale, straighten your back and knee once more and then inhale again to resume the bending action. On the left side, carry out the same exercise. This exercise should be done three times on each side.

The hip and knee joints are strengthened, the core is engaged, and flexibility is encouraged.

Seated Spinal Twist :

Put your hands behind your head and join them while sitting upright on the front of the chair. Take a deep breath in and bend your elbows as far back as is comfortable. Slowly turn your torso to the right and look toward your right elbow as you exhale. After taking a breath, carefully turn to the centre. On the left, repeat. three rounds each on both sides.

seated spinal twist for chair yoga poses for seniors

This exercise can reduce tension in the shoulders, neck, and upper back while also enhancing spinal flexibility.

Benefits of Chair Yoga :

By pushing their bodies to maintain and build flexibility, chair yoga practitioners enhance their overall mobility.

With each pose in chair yoga, muscle strength can be increased. In turn, this enhances balance and agility while protecting your body from harm.

As you move from one pose to the next in a chair yoga sequence, your proprioception increases, which in turn improves your balance and coordination all around.

Yoga naturally forces you to be conscious of your breathing and motion, taking your attention off of stressful ideas. The movements are soothing and almost peaceful.

Numerous studies have shown that yoga can lessen the signs and symptoms of depression in people of all ages, even those over 55.

Any age group or degree of fitness can practise chair yoga. The beautiful thing about it is that you can perform this given Chair Yoga poses for Seniors at home or office it at home with just a few simple instruments and preparations. However, taking a chair yoga session can make the exercise more engaging and social while giving you the chance to meet new people.

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